With 360 Cryo’s Body Contouring Treatment. You’ll see and feel the change in a few weeks.
Because your experience is customized for your body, the transformation is clear.
360 Cryo
Abdominal Fat Reduction
We offer you the best treatment to get rid of stubborn fat that just won’t go away despite trying too hard. With our non-surgical fat removal procedure, you can finally wear your favorite pants!
Double Chin Removal
Is your double chin the reason behind your shattered confidence? Don’t worry, Health360 has the most amazing treatment to help you get rid of that bag of fat under your chin and get a fit jaw!
Love Handles Reduction
No more social embarrassment! Because it’s time to get rid of that stubborn fat accumulation on the outer sides of your waist and hips with 360 Cryo treatment.
Bingo Wings Treatment
Bingo wings are the folds of loose flesh on the upper arms. Now you can get those perfectly toned and taut arms with the 360 Cryo treatment ,which works like magic for everyone!
Man Boobs Treatment
Don’t feel sad because you are not alone in this! It may be surprising, but 30% of men have this condition. Knowing how painful and stressful the idea of gynecomastia surgery could be, It’s your time to look and feel good!
Bra Fat Removal
360 Cryo treatment offers you the BEST way to get rid of flabby fat on your back, which can be caused by aging or weakening of the muscles. With our non-invasive and painless treatment, it’s time to regain your fat in a few days!
Bum Lift
360 Cryo offers you the right treatment that effectively lifts, smoothes, tones and contours the buttocks guaranteeing to bless you with the attractive figure you’ve always wanted!
Thigh Gap Reduction
360 Cryo presents the most powerful treatment to help you remove the extra layer of fat that acts as an obstacle between you and your perfect legs!
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